There are four Skills that help survivors manage their level of Fear. They are Optimist, Counselor, Cold Fish and Cheerleader.



Faster fear recovery after exposure to the living dead. Bonus to fear recovery.

Rank Cost Total SP Cost
10% 1 1
20% 5 6
30% 10 16
40% 15 31
50% 20 51



Help the squad members deal with shock. Faster fear recovery for the whole squad.

Rank Cost Total SP Cost
1% 40 40

Cold FishEdit

Cold fish

Less affected by death and disaster. Fear increases more slowly when moving through areas of high Z-Density.

Rank Cost Total SP Cost
5% 1 1
10% 5 6
15% 10 16
20% 15 31
25% 20 51



Snap out of shock in the field. Fear increase more slowly for all squad members when moving through Z-Density.

Rank Cost Total SP Cost
1% 40 40

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