This is exactly the sort of business sense that we need.

Dedicated to the truth of the matter, and in fact in all things the lumberjacks respect pure brutal honesty.

In that regard, Han sho't fir'st.




If interested in joining we make no false promises, but we are pretty hilarious. Shoot us an ingame message, and we'll set you up as best we can. Because we care*


This actually has nothing to do with anything.


To remind the world of past truths, and the greatness of the lumberjack.


"Serious injury? You know what'll fix that? A mile run through 90% denisty zombie infested territory first one back gets the canned beets!"

"You can't make an omlet without destroying a forest...or something."

"Pride, dedication, excellence, we don't stand for any of that."

"Insert any joke from MST3k here"

  • citation needed

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